JioCoin – Is there a real Cryptocurrency with this name?


It wouldn’t have been a surprise if Reliance Jio or Reliance Industries came up with an ICO and named it as JioCoin but that is not happening. There was an initial rumor spread around that the company is working on the lines of a cryptocurrency when the craze was too high in the market, but most of it was just a plain rumor.

We had contacted the Jio team earlier to find out the truth and while the note we got didn’t talk about this being a permanent decision but for now, there is no Jio Coin in the plans. So, here is the copy of the press statement that was sent officially by the Jio team to clarify things.

Mumbai, 31st January 2018: Reliance Jio has come across reports in media and other websites about the existence of purported JioCoin Apps on the Internet that are soliciting investments in cryptocurrencies from people.

Reliance Jio would like to inform the public and media that there are no such apps offered by the company or its affiliates/associates. Any such apps using the JioCoin name are fake and people are advised to refrain from dealing with any of them.

Reliance Jio takes a serious note of such fraudulent attempts by unscrupulous persons to misguide the public in the name of Jio and reserves the right to take appropriate legal recourse.

The number of ICOs are growing at a good pace and so is the case with even cryptocurrencies, with now thousands of them officially listed on multiple exchanges. While that is happening, you can expect larger names to get involved in the crypto market, for example, with names like Kodak as well coming with the Kodak Coin. But with Jio, you should hold your expectations for now and understand that there is nothing such being planned or made.

We will keep you updated, so keep checking if you want to know more about any Cryptocurrency from Jio.

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